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5 Trends in Modern Home design

Modern design allows the architectural details of a home to shine through. Every aspect of modern design is meticulously executed and creates a clean, sleek feel. For modern design inspiration in 2016, there are several places to turn. Check out these 5 trends to make modern a beautiful reality.


Invasion of Drones in the Construction Industry

The age of technology is bringing fresh faces to the world of construction. These faces are a little different than those of the men and women you typically find on the jobsite. In fact, they are another breed entirely. Drones are on the loose and are proving to be a valuable asset in the construction industry.


How Architects are Mentoring the Next Generation

As the architecture world continues to evolve, so does the need for experienced architects to mentor the future generation of architects. Many design professionals are reaching out to inspire young students to join the profession and also mentoring students who are beginning to enter architecture.